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Fertile Myrtle

(Formerly OctoMom)

Fertile Myrtle (formerly Octomom) for iPhone and iPod Touch

How many babies can Fertile Myrtle have!?

Simple and addictive game play. Press down on Fertyle Myrtle's swollen belly, and another adorable bundle of joy will be brought into the world.

The babies must be caught by Fertile Myrtle's mother. Hold down on Fertile Myrtle's belly to charge, which shoots babies out faster and increases your chances of delivering twins! Tilt for better aim.

SuperHappyFunFun Inc.

- Hilarious in-game action

- Amusing graphics and sound effects

- Bonuses for birthing in front of the Paparazzi

- Wacky Grandma gets crazier and more unpredictable with each baby delivered

- High Score Screen to store scores and challenge friends!


SHFF mentioned as 'Octomom' tries to trademark nickname

Please see the iTunes site to purchase for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Additional information:

Each baby earns welfare money. Having babies while the Paparazzi is in the room earns a cash bonus! Money is used to buy more Fertility shots. Fertility shots lets Fertile Myrtle have more babies!

It may "take a village to raise a child" but it only takes Fertile Myrtle to birth a village of children!


Fertile Myrtle screenshot

Fertile Myrtle

Fertile Myrtle

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