Super Happy Fun Fun is an experienced mobile application development house and network technology provider.

Super Happy Fun Fun has developed and continues to evolve three game middlewares along with complementary tools and asset pipelines. These middlewares target a variety of operating systems, hardware platforms and licensing requirements. With these middlewares, Super Happy Fun Fun is able to rapidly develop games and applications for all relevant interactive entertainment platforms.

Super Happy Fun Fun also continues to invest in game server technology and deployment infrastructure that provide secure, scalable and highly available services for games. The services library is quite extensive and covers capabilities needed to develop modern connected multi-platform games.


Target Platforms

Super Happy Fun Fun's middleware solutions target the following platforms:



To run on such diverse platforms, Super Happy Fun Fun maintains three active middlewares that combine commercially available and proprietary technology:

The runtime technologies encompass the following domains and more:

·  Application Management

·  2D Rendering

·  3D Rendering

·  3D Animation

·  Collision Detection

·  Networking

·  Audio Management

·  Math

·  Vibration Management

·  Resource Management

·  Data Serialization

·  Motion Input

·  Task Manager

·  Memory Management

·  File Manager

·  Device Characteristics

·  Menu System

·  Font System

·  Text Display

·  Smart Pointer System



Liberty Server Technology

Super Happy Fun Fun's server farm is designed for scalability, high availability, security and reuse. The automated deployment system for game services ensures that game servers can be quickly reproduced in case of machine failures. On a functional level, Super Happy Fun Fun proprietary server design provides for rapid deployment of the following game services:

·  Virtual Coins

·  Automated Tournaments

·  Asynchronous Multiplayer

·  Social Media

·  Push Notifications

·  Multi-Device Player Repository

·  Leaderboards

·  Receipt Validation

·  Asset Download

·  Profanity Filters



Technical highlights of the server infrastructure are:


Engineering Skills

Super Happy Fun Fun is adept at gathering requirements, and designing, implementing and testing software. The engineering staff is proficient in a number of programming languages, including C#, C++, Python, Objective-C, and C.

Super Happy Fun Fun’s expertise covers most domains necessary to implement modern, connected games. Many of the domains are enumerated in the Middleware and Server Technology sections above. Super Happy Fun Fun is also adept at delivering games that target all currently relevant interactive entertainment platforms. These are listed in the Target Platforms section above.