About Us

Super Happy Fun Fun was established in 2001. Since 2003 Super Happy Fun Fun has been specifically focused on the development and deployment of Mobile Games and Applications.

We design and create top quality intellectual properties and develop and deliver innovative technologies.

Super Happy Fun Fun is a profitable production studio with an environment that attracts and holds talent and creates innovative products that appeal to the broadest markets possible.

From our team members' decades of experience in interactive entertainment Super Happy Fun Fun brings the technical knowledge and design experience from building compelling, responsive and intuitive graphic user interfaces.

Super Happy Fun Fun has extensive experience in building and launching profitable products, on multiple platforms with leading publishers across scores of mobile devices.

Our experience in building and interfacing with networks is a vital part of being a true player on this connected, personal computing platform with the largest installed base in the history of mankind. With each new project we push ourselves to leverage our experience with relevant new technologies.

Super Happy Fun Fun has partnered with other companies and individuals who are leaders in this rapidly expanding space. We are passionate about the huge potential of mobile. Our hard working, talented team members are passionate about building compelling experiences and exploring new frontiers in all things mobile.

The true potential of mobile is still in its infancy, and Super Happy Fun Fun is dedicated to being a leading provider of innovative fun in your pocket... whatever that involves.

Management Team

Mark Stephen Pierce, General Manager
Mark is an industry veteran with intimate involvement in well over 50 published video game titles during the past 31 years. Mark co-founded Macromedia and was one of the three original designers of VideoWorks (now known as Adobe Director). His original Mac games, Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle, were the #1 best selling Mac Games for 2 years running. In the 90’s Mark became Sr VP of Product Development at Atari/Midway Games and took on the challenge of returning the essential core of Atari Games back to profitability. As VP he profitably managed a staff of 120 and oversaw the development of hit products for both the arcade and console market. Prior to his 7 year run as VP at Atari/Midway, Mark was lead artist, designer and team leader on original arcade hits including Road Blasters, Pitfighter, Road Riot 4WD, and Klax. Mark left Atari to start Super Happy Fun Fun in 2000 and retains his leadership role at Super Happy Fun Fun through the strategic acquisition, which he orchestrated in 2011, by Merge Healthcare Solutions, Inc (NASDAQ: MRGE). Merge provides a level of financial stability that few developers can match.