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"Snowboarding TNT gets things right in terms of casual gaming, utilizing the features of a powerful pocket gaming machine to create a bite-sized gameplay session ..."
- USA Today

"While many snowboarding titles are inclined to focus on either racing or stunting, Snowboarding TNT incorporates the two seamlessly."

"a very solid and fun game on the iPhone."
- Operation Sports

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Snowboarding TNT

Snowboarding TNT for iPhone

Snowboarding TNT gives you the most realistic snowboarding experience possible on the iPhone/iPod touch. Tilt your device left and right to maneuver through gates, around obstacles, over massive jumps, and to perform gnarly tricks. Race against time down 6 unique and challenging levels and perform over 30 different high flying tricks. Snowboarding TnT has relaunched on the iPhone App Store. Download it now!

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In Snowboarding TNT, Markus and Brooke race their snowboards through 6 unique courses performing tricks and maneuvering through gates battling time and obstacles to unlock new courses.

Tilt the device left and right to maneuver your player through gates, around obstacles, and over jumps.

Throughout each course there will be red flag gates that will reward the user with 5 seconds of bonus time.

To perform tricks, guide your snowboarder in the path of a jump, touch the screen to crouch, and then release at the top of the ramp to achieve big air. While in mid-air, tilt the phone up/down/left/right to perform a trick. The animation will keep playing until the device has been returned to a steady position. Failing to return to a steady position will result in a wipeout and you will not be awarded any points, so plan your tricks carefully!

On larger jumps, you can perform Super Tricks that are longer, flashier, and worth more points. To perform a Super Trick, you can touch the screen to grab the board in mid-air and then tilt the device in any of the 4 major directions.

You can also link tricks together and be rewarded with additional bonus points. To link a trick, perform a single trick, bring the device back to a steady position, and then tilt the device in another direction to perform the next trick.

There are 2 unique powerups that can be found throughout the courses. The star powerup will multiply your trick score by either 2x, 3x, or 4x, depending on the number of stars you have picked up. This multiplier will last until you wipeout. The green speed icon will increase your speed by 50% for 5 seconds.