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Tech Support:
Snowboarding TNT

Q: How do I play Snowboarding TnT?
A: Snowboarding TnT is quick to pickup and play.

  1. Simply tilt your device left and right to maneuver through gates.
  2. Tap the screen to bunny hop over obstacles.
  3. Touch the screen to crouch and prepare for the huge jumps.
  4. Release at the top of the jump for bigger air.
  5. While in the air, tilt your device in any direction to perform tricks.

Pay attention to your balance meter; it has to be centered before you land or you'll risk a major biff! BONUS - You can also tap the screen to grab your board while in the air for that nice bit of flair. BONUS - Try linking tricks together by tilting in one direction for a full cycle and then in another direction.